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1.2.3 Patch + New Wiki!

Just dropping some quick fixes before the larger patch that will come with the console releases. We're now on version 1.2.3! It's easy as version A.B.C, version 1.2.3, version Do.Re.Mi, baby you and me, girl.

Anyway, here are the patch notes:

•Evolution level requirements have been lowered for many Abomis that evolve past level 30. The maximum requirement is now Level 35.

•Fixed an issue preventing newly-added moves from appearing as Tablets

•Fixed a bug preventing the Buying More Time achievement from unlocking

•Changed the Boxer ability to now boost Attack 5% of the time instead of 20%

•Caterbrawler's defensive stats have been slightly nerfed

•Removed the Rampage ability from Abomihoney

•Clawbbery's height value has been fixed

•Spurrder's evolution requirement has been lowered from 5 KOs to 2 to match Cubbud's

•Fixed a bug preventing Abomis present in the final cutscene from being being added to the Abomi Archive

•Fixed minor typos

Also, finally ready to unveil is the Abomi Nation Wiki! I updated it myself with some fun trivia and all the info you'd need about every Abomi. Be sure to click the link and check it out so that it starts to show up on Google as our official wiki!

If nothing else, it's a great place to peruse all of the Abomis' idle animations in .gif form without opening the game.

I'm sure you haven't forgotten, but console ports ARE on the way soon! They're getting closer to completion every day, and I'll be very excited to share a release date once I have one. For now, we both must wait a little bit more.

I'll see you all then!



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