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Abomi Nation OUT NOW! Free Updates Coming This Month!

After over four and a half years, Abomi Nation is finally available for purchase on Steam. When I started working on it in December 2016, I would never have guessed it'd become the monster of a project that it is now. I poured everything I've got into this game. I don't mean to get too personal, but putting a game out on your own is a monumental task, and the fact that release is finally here is... staggering. If I could do it all again, I would in a heartbeat. Abomi Nation has become my life for years, and I love it dearly. I'm overjoyed at the thought of finally sharing it with the world.

I hope more than anything else that you enjoy playing Abomi Nation. I hope your runs feel unique, I hope you make your own stories with your little teams, and I hope you use your Abomis in innovative ways. If I could ask one thing of you, the player, it would be to let me know how your runs go! Tell me about tragic deaths, close calls, funny or emotional moments! I want to hear it all! Reach out in a review, the Steam forums, tweet at me, join my Discord, email me! I'm easy to reach! I promise I read it all! There's no greater pride I get than hearing about how the mechanics work together to form unique moments, so please, don't be a stranger!

This post isn't all emotional updates, though! It comes with news! I've mentioned for ages that Abomi Nation will be launching with 100 Abomis. That was my goal, and I hit it. I snuck a few extra in there with alternate forms, but the Archive says 100. Well, that was always a launch goal, but launch is over now, baby! Brand NEW Abomis are going to start trickling out in FREE updates all month! Starting a week from today (August 5th), I'm going to be dropping 3-4 Abomis a week until we reach 15 new inhabitants of Abomi Nation, and there's plenty more to come after that!

Thanks so much for playing, everybody. Thank you to my wonderful community that formed before launch, my family and girlfriend who have been as supportive as can be, and my publisher DANGEN Entertainment for helping Abomi Nation reach so many new people. See you in Abomi Nation,



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