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Abomi Spotlight: Alebroati! + New Items!

This week's Abomi Spotlight introduces a new Lightning-type line: Alebroati!

Alebroati is based on the alebrije of Mexican culture as well as a coati -- an animal also commonly found in Mexico.

Alebrijes are multi-coloured, vibrant animals said to guide you in the afterlife. You'll be familiar with them if you watched Pixar's Coco, or, you know, if you're actually Mexican. When conceptualizing the line, I envisioned them to be Lightning-types already, and only afterwards did I find out that alebrijes actually have ties with electricity powers in their history (also present in Coco!). Guess that's a pretty happy coincidence.

Coatis are these raccoon-like scavengers that are rampant in Mexico. I imagine that Mexicans view coatis the way we Canadians view geese... which is to say, like tiny Satans. But when I vacationed in Mexico last year, I witnessed a family of 20+ coatis emerge from the woodwork to gather some food and... I accidentally fell in love with the creatures. I knew I'd have to make an Abomi out of them. Sorry, Mexican fans, if I'm portraying your pests in too positive a light!

I obviously decided to go all-in on the Mexican theming with Alebroati's design, right down to its suave little mustache pattern. It's a culture that my girlfriend and I found fascinating even before our trip there; there's so much potential to pull from!

Tune in next week as I reveal Alebroati's evolution in honour of both the Mexican Day of the Dead and Halloween! Can you piece together any clues that might hint at its design?

It's been a while since I've shown off some new content besides Abomis, so I thought I'd detail some new hold items that I put in the game recently!

This is the Underdog Orb, Stone Armour, and Crystalline Glass.

The Underdog Orb boosts both of your attacking stats every time you're inflicted with a status. In Abomi Nation, statuses can overwrite past statuses, so if you get Poisoned then Dizzied, you'll receive the boosts each time.

The Stone Armour reduces all damage taken by 15%, but also reduces the holder's Speed by -1 every time they attack.

The Crystalline Glass simply doubles the holder's chances of landing a Critical Hit. Only certain moves in Abomi Nation even have a chance to crit -- this won't affect moves with a 0% crit rate.

This is the Cucumber Sword and Green Pom-Poms.

These items are inspired by specific Abomis, but anyone can hold them.

The Cucumber Sword is reminiscent of Sumoshi's. Likewise, it boosts the power of both Plant-type moves and Slashing moves by 15%. If a move is both Plant-type and Slashing (for example, Sumoshi's signature Cucumber Slice), it will be boosted by 33%.

The Green Pom-Poms are a way to extend Jubileek's Cheerleader ability to other members. Cheerleader boosts the active Abomi's attacks by 15% if the Abomi with Cheerleader is on the sidelines. The Green Pom-Poms do the same thing. So, if you're in the crazy fortunate situation of having two Jubileek AND two Green Pom-Poms, you can see your attacks boosted by a ridiculous amount.

This is the Barbarian Bib, Bulky Bib, Bustling Bib, and Big Baby Bib.

These bibs will boost the stats of the holder by 25%, but only if they are NOT fully-evolved. Barbarian boosts Attack and Special Attack, Bulky boosts Defense and Special Defense, Bustling boosts Speed, and Big Baby boosts all stats, but only by 15%.

These work like a less-extreme version of Pokémon's Eviolite, with the benefit of being able to pick the boosted stat. These should help carry Abomis that only evolve at later levels into the late-game.

That's it for this week! See you on Halloween,



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