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Abomi Spotlight: Allignaw & Clubcub! + New Events/Attacks

This week's Abomi Spotlight is the pre-evolution to Jawbridge: Allignaw! This little Water-type troublemaker is about 90% mouth, and it knows how to do damage with it.

An Allignaw's jaws are so powerful that it can catapult much larger Abomis that stand on its snout. This is a good opportunity to show off Allignaw and Jawbridge's new signature move: Croco Chomp.

Croco Chomp is a powerful biting move that's boosted even further by Allignaw's Pearly Whites ability. It also has a chance to lower the target's Defense -1. As you can see, it does quite a number on this low-level Goatini. If my math is right, it's strong enough to take out 15 of these things at once. That's the power of multiplication, I guess.

Its animation mirrors Allignaw's biting attack, too.

Speaking of math, I shared on Twitter this week that I (for some reason) was compelled to add the famous Monty Hall Problem into Abomi Nation. For the uninitiated: it's essentially a scenario in which a game show host offers you three doors. Behind one lies a car, behind the other two lie some goats. After you've chosen a door to open, the host will then reveal a goat door and ask if you want to swap or stay. If you want the car, you might think that you stand a 1/3 shot no matter your choice. However, it actually works out to a 2/3 chance in your favour if you swap. I'll let the video explain the specifics, but my goal here is to maybe inspire one player to look at math differently. It's a cool mechanic to have, anyway.

In Abomi Nation, instead of cars and goats, one choice has a rare Power-Up item and two choices come with a stat drop. An NPC will let you pick a random item pile, then swap or stay, to reveal where the rare item was. The thing is that it's still technically random, so will you risk a 1/3 chance of failure for something so good?

I also added what is probably the most specific Easter Egg in the game (speaking of which, happy Easter!) if you play this game as Goatini. In reference to the original problem, the NPC will say:

It might never actually be appreciated by a random player, but it made me happy.

Anyway, since Clubcub photobombed basically all of my screenshots this week, let's talk about it for this week's old Abomi.

Clubcub are little punk Abomis that have the ability to form clubs made out of ice. This gives them a very high Attack stat for an unevolved Abomi. Their tufts of fur may look like a caveman's cloth, but it is actually a part of its body. They just want you to think they hunted something.

That's enough for this week. All of my screenshots may have been in the mountain area, but I've been putting some brand new areas together this week. I'll hold off on revealing them until they're completely done, though.

Share more next week!



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