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Abomi Spotlight: Beedungadung! + UI Updates

Introducing the tiniest Abomi that's fully-evolved: Beedungadung! It's a single-stage Earth-type. I think Beedungadung is best descibed by its in-game entry in the Abomi Archive:

"Beedungadung loves its little ball of dirt more than anything else in the world. It never separates itself from the first ball it rolls... What's the matter? It's a ball of dirt! You thought it was WHAT? No! That's why it's EARTH-type. Come on!... Wait, it is dirt, right?"

I shared a little preview of Beedungadung on Twitter a few days ago. If you want to see it in motion -- and how it attacks with its ball -- I highly recommend checking it out. Beedungadung being one of the simpler/goofier designs I've made gave me a lot of free reign to push my animation abilities to more cartoony heights. I'm very happy with the results.

Also on Twitter this week, I shared some footage of an updated shop UI. Man, I was on Twitter a lot more often than usual.

Anyway, I wasn't happy with how "placeholder" the shop's interface looked -- especially how there was no feedback beyond a sound effect when you actually bought something.

So, here's the old shop interface:

And here's the updated version:

You'll see in the footage that tiny Shiny Pebbles will start to rain when you make a purchase. The more expensive the item, the more Shiny Pebbles fall. It's very satisfying.

Something I didn't share on Twitter that I also updated was the look of the "Basic Attack" box. Previously, it was just some floating text that read "Basic Attack" with the X button next to it:

But now it's much more in-line with the other attack boxes. It actually communicates what the Basic Attack DOES (0 Mana cost) and can be selected like a normal move. More importantly, it will actually show the type and Base Power of your Basic Attack if you've altered it using Orbs.

I feel like I really integrated a lot this week. One more example is how I changed the level scaling. Previously, each area would raise the expected level by 1, which was fine for the demo, but at higher levels, you probably wouldn't raise a level in every area. This method also didn't take into account how large each area was -- maybe you'd fight three smokey Abomis in one area but only one in another.

So, I implemented a new system that now tracks how many Abomis per area you're fighting, how much EXP they're worth, and figures out what level you SHOULD be by the time you reach an area. Now, on Normal difficulty, if you fight every possessed Abomi, you should never have to grind to remain about a level ahead of the game. On Brutal, they'll remain a few levels above you. On Casual, they should always be a few levels below.

That's enough for this week. I added Beedungadung into the game about half an hour ago, so I have some finishing up to do on some other Abomis. This haul brings me up to 75/100. What a day.

See you next week,



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