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Abomi Spotlight: Boarbecue!

This week's Abomi Spotlight is on Porcutie's evolution: Boarbecue! I revealed Porcutie just a couple of weeks ago, but never gave it a proper spotlight. So, now I'll go over it and its evolution at the same time!

So, I'm sure you noticed that Porcutie becomes... more pork, less cutie when it evolves. It's pretty monstrous, actually.

That's because Boarbecue was inspired by the hellpig -- a vicious-looking pig that roamed the Earth millions of years ago. Its Fire typing comes from its infernal namesake. Porcutie is meant to highlight the contrast between modern-day piggies and the beast that was the hellpig.

Unsurprisingly, one of Boarbecue's abilities is Pearly Whites, much like Jawbridge and other toothy Abomis. This ability boosts the power of Biting attacks by 1.2x. It also has one of the highest Attack stats in the game. I'm pretty sure it cracks top 3.

Here's a shot of Boarbecue roaring with some fearsome allies. So many of my designs end up cute; I'm glad I was able to show off a more menacing one this week.

I'll see you guys next week, and Boarbecue will see you in your nightmares!



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