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Abomi Spotlight: Coativera!

Happy Halloween/almost el día de los muertos for any Mexican fans! This week's Abomi Spotlight is on the evolution to last week's Alebroati: Coativera!

Still based on the much-hated but secretly-loved scavenger, the coati, Coativera implements a different aspect of Mexican culture into its design: the calavera!

Alebrijes are spirit guides said to guide you in the afterlife, while calaveras are decorative skulls used in the celebration of the day of the dead -- or el día de los muertos. Both are multicoloured and have abstract, eye-catching designs, so I thought I'd use them as a motif for this evolutionary line.

Alebroati has a very unique method of evolving: once it reaches a high enough level, it will need to die while holding an Evolution Crystal. Its bones will then reanimate into Coativera, which grants it the Earth typing to make it Lightning/Earth.

When Coativera dies, though, it just drops like a pile of bones!

A strategy that I predict might be powerful in permadeath runs is to keep your Alebroati unevolved even after it's strong enough. Since you heal after evolution, keeping your Alebroati might give you a free sack that then turns into a full-health Coativera. A bit of a one-time mulligan.

Coativera will also play the role of a special NPC that appears in the campaign. What role could that be? Who knows! Stay tuned!



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