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Abomi Spotlight: Cuddowl & Beewee! + One Month of Demo Madness

Hey, everybody! I've been hard at work adding new content to the game. Just inching closer to that full release at the end of the year. In the last couple of weeks, I've added 13 more Abomis to the game (not even counting Coondling and Beacoon from my last blog post), so I feel good about the progress I've been making. I'll share a little sneak peak for some of the new additions, because I'm such a swell guy.

First up: Cuddowl! It's an Ice/Air-type Abomi that does everything it can to resist the cold. It has a newly-added ability called Bundled Up that gives it an extra resistance to Ice-type attacks. I shouldn't really be picking favourites, but I have to admit that Cuddowl is climbing the ranks. I'm really happy with how this one's animations turned out. You can check my Twitter for a little taste.

And secondly there's sweet little Beewee! It's an Air-type Abomi with another new ability, To the Point, which raises the power of piercing attacks (such as Poke) by 1.5x their normal damage. That stinger hurts!

Today I finished adding all 13 new Abomis to the game, and it's been really fun for me to mess around with the new lines. Previously I backed myself up by making a ton of baby-stage Abomis without realizing that I suddenly had 10 lines to make all the evolutions for, so my new approach of adding the whole line in at once is proving to be much less of a headache. That's right -- Cuddowl and Beewee have their evolutions finished, but I'll hold on to them for another post.

Next on the to-do list is to add a bunch more attacks, items, and some mechanical changes that I'll talk more about once they're implemented.

Today also marks the one-month anniversary of going live with the demo! Almost 1,000 people have downloaded the demo now, and I'm super grateful for all the feedback and support I've gotten so far. I'm still working on this every day, and I'm taking people's notes to heart. If you have thoughts on the game, don't be afraid to reach out!

I'll keep you all posted going forward. I'm gonna try to post about new Abomi designs more often, and maybe showcase some of the existing ones in the demo that never got their moment in the spotlight.



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