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Abomi Spotlight: Divonion, Jubileek, & Shallotear!

This week's Abomi Spotlight is on someone who is probably my most complex Abomi: Divonion! Divonion is worth it, though, because I think it's the most emblematic of what makes Abomi Nation unique.

At (adorable) face value, Divonion is just like any other Abomi. A cute, happy onion design that likes to dance in its idle animation. It's a pure Plant-type, which is pretty common... But what makes Divonion special is that it's very impressionable. If Divonion sees one of its allies die in battle, it may just lose its sunny disposition.

Upon the death of a teammate, Divonion becomes traumatized and enters its Peeled Form!

Now awakened to a harsh reality, Divonion changes its attitude entirely.

But, other than a new hairstyle and a slight stat readjustment, what does this form change actually do? Well, if you manage to evolve Divonion without ever letting it get traumatized, it will evolve into Jubileek!

Jubileek isn't exactly a powerhouse on its own, but its ability is the real reward here.

Jubileek has the unique ability Cheerleader, which boosts your active Abomi's attacks by 15% just for being on the sidelines. This means that any crazy synergy you can find with other Abomis can be boosted even further by having Jubileek cheer you on.

If you evolve a peeled Divonion, though...'ll get Shallotear. A punishment? Well, it depends on your team. Shallotear is more defensively-oriented, it floats, and it has the ability Stinky, which can cause opponents to gain the Dirtied status effect if they hit it with a contact move (also shared by Beedungadung).

Surely you wouldn't kill a team member just to ensure you'll get a Shallotear, though, right?...

I'm certainly biased, but I love this evolution line. They encapsulate so many things that make Abomi Nation unique. Its different forms wouldn't exist without permadeath, and Jubileek's ability couldn't exist without the 3v3-but-not-really battle structure. I'm also very satisfied with how the designs and animations came out, so I'm happy to finally be able to share this line with people!

Also, you may have noticed in the Divonion trailer that I have a new end card! Made this nifty shot that shows off most of my revealed designs. Maybe once I reveal some more, I'll add to it. See any familiar faces? Any... non-familiar faces? Anyway, see you next week!



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