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Abomi Spotlight: Droygibon! + Interview

This week's new Abomi is Droygibon: the evolution to Zebrata! Zebrata was revealed back in... February?! Wow, it took 9 months to reveal its evolution? Nice.

Zebrata, for those of you who forgot, is an Abomi that can have any combination of the following types: Fire, Lightning, Plant, and Ice. The colour of its body dictates its first type while its stripes dictate its secondary type. That's 12 combinations in all.

Droygibon works the same way! It now gets a pair of wings that don't give it a third type, but do give it the ability to float. Zebrata will evolve after using its signature move, Candy Blast, enough times. Candy Blast becomes the type of the user's primary type. This actually makes a difference between, for example, you being a Plant/Lightning-type or a Lightning/Plant-type!

Droygibon's name comes from Dragon (obviously) and ROYGBIV -- the acronym for the colours of the rainbow -- but specifically the OYGB part, where its possible colours happen to appear in order. This little portmanteau also happens to sound like "bon" as in "bonbon" as in "candy," so that's a fun bonus.

What, you think it's weird that a zebra evolves into a dragon? Nah, it's just a piñata evolving into a piñata. Nothing weird here.

Speaking of piñatas, I was interviewed this week by YouTuber Monster Tamer Bloba, where I talk a lot about my inspiration for Abomi Nation which includes games ranging from Digimon to Viva Piñata. If you're reading this, you'll probably want to give it a listen!

I'll leave you this week with a compilation of all the Droygibon forms:

See you next week!



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