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Abomi Spotlight: Hamburble & Hammarine!

This week, I'm talking about Hamburble! Hamburble was teased a few weeks back, but it never got a proper Abomi Spotlight.

Hamburble is a pure Water-type hamster that rolls around in a bubble like a hamster ball. It uses its bubble to move around on land.

Hamburble can leave its bubble, but not for too long. It needs its water bubble to breathe on land. It likes to pop out during its attack animation, though, so it can make contact with its opponent.

Don't worry, though, I'm not wasting this week's spotlight on an already-revealed Abomi. If Hamburble gets hit with enough Water-type attacks, something might happen...

Introducing Hamburble's evolution: Hammarine! Hammarine's outgrown its little bubble vehicle, but it still needs the bubble to breathe out of water!

Hammarine's evolution method ties in nicely with its unique ability: Bubble Helmet. If Hamburble or Hammarine is hit with a Water-type attack, their Defense, Special Defense, AND Speed will be boosted +1. I like to think of this as their bubble growing larger. You'll want to switch in when you predict the opponent might go for a Water attack!

Hammarine also boats a walloping Attack stat for how early it evolves, so it's definitely a useful addition to your team.

This week, I've completed a few features that I just can't talk about yet. Some game-changing stuff is in the works that I hope to reveal soon.

See you next week,



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