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Abomi Spotlight: Kebeeb, Beacoon, & Grounduck!

Hi again! Thought I'd try to do weekly updates about new (and old) Abomis, and give general updates about what's going on behind the scenes.

This week's new Abomi: Kebeeb!

Kebeeb is the evolution to last week's reveal: Beewee! It's also Air-type. This Abomi loves honey so much that it's skewered itself through three honeycombs that it's made. It could also be to make up for the fact that the Beewee line has no stripes, and it's self-conscious about meeting certain bee-like expectations. Kebeeb still has one stage to go before it's finished its evolutionary journey.

Eagle-eyed fans might have noticed that Kebeeb was soft-revealed a month ago in the thumbnail for our trailer! You noticed, right? Anyone? Keep an eye out for other unrevealed Abomis. I like to sneakily slip them into stuff sometimes.

Next up is Beacoon! Beacoon is the evolution to Coondling, the very first Abomi Spotlight. Beacoon was added into the demo at the same time as Coondling, so you can totally play with it right now. I didn't show it off in the other post, though, so I'll talk about it here.

Like Coondling, Beacoon is Fire/Lightning-type. Its stats aren't particularly amazing apart from its Special Attack, but Coondling evolves earlier than most Abomis and has a cool dual-typing.

And finally, there's Grounduck! Its first stage, Fowlure, has been in the game since the first alpha. It was the fourth Abomi I ever made, if memory serves. I haven't gotten to talk much about the old Abomis' evolutions, so it's finally time for Grounduck's time in the spotlight.

Fowlure's whole shtick is that it actually has the ability to fly, but unfortunately it was born with this giant antenna on its head that isn't aerodynamic at all. If this little Air-type were to actually take to the air, the wind pushing back against its antenna would probably break its neck. Sad days for poor little Fowlure.

But through training, Fowlure finally reaches its evolved form: Grounduck! Now that the antenna is relatively small on its bigger body, it shouldn't impact the much larger Grounduck's flight pattern!... Oh, but there is the minor detail that Grounduck lost its wings in the evolution process.

Ah, well. Take an Air/Earth typing and stamp those muddy flippers around. Grounduck doesn't seem too bothered. Life is keeping it down, but it makes the best of it.

Production's been coming along nicely! I mentioned in the last post that since adding Coondling, I've finished 13 more Abomis on my end. Well you can add 2 more to that since last week, and I'm currently working on the third. I'm approaching 60/100 done, which will be an exciting milestone. I've also added a new attack or two and handled a lot of administrative stuff this week. Gotta just keep pushing through!

Thanks for the support, everybody! I'll try to keep this thing weekly.



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