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Abomi Spotlight: Lamphibian! + Discord + New Trailer + New Minigame

This week's new Abomi is Amphlame's evolution: Lamphibian! Like its pre-evolution, it's a Fire/Water-type.

Before we talk about Lamphibian, I just wanted to interject that I now have a Discord! Feel free to stop on by and have a chat. Many fans are in there talking about their runs, and it's a great way to keep up with new announcements -- especially if you don't have Twitter.

Like Amphlame, Lamphibian has a fire that burns in its throat. Fortunately, its body has been elongated to make life more convenient for Lamphibian.

Lamphibian still releases steam through its warts (that are now on its knees). Its one wart on its head has grown into an overly-large handle shape. You could hypothetically pick it up by its wart and use it like a lantern, given its glowing belly!... But don't do that, though. That's friggin' gross.

HUGE trailer update this week! The game has so much new content in it that wasn't reflected in the demo trailer. I wanted to be able to show the new stuff off as people's first impression of the game!

Featured in the trailer, but also revealed earlier in a video on my Twitter, is a new minigame! Whack-a-Moile will focus on Attack, the same way that Abomi Racin' focuses on Speed. Hold the stick into the direction you want to whack, or leave it untouched to return to the center hole, then mash A to whack the Moile! The higher your Attack stat, the more damage you'll do to the Moile, and the easier the game will become.

This week was a lot of social media work! I think next week will focus more on the development side for me... but I do have some reveals lined up on social media, so be sure to follow me!

Stay tuned,



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