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Abomi Spotlight: Pengweenie! + Hamburble Preview

This week, we have Pengweenie! The stout little first form of Peneedle.

Like Peneedle, Pengweenie is a Plant/Ice-type. This smaller cactus bird also shares its Prickly ability with its evolution, which damages opponents for 1/8th of their HP if they make contact with Pengweenie.

"Hey, Carl!" you shout, the ever-observant hardcore fan that you clearly are, "Didn't you say in this blogpost that Peneedle was single-stage? What are you, some kind of stinky liar?" Well, my needlessly accusatory friend, that was true at the time. But like most things in life, game development is a hell of a ride, and things can change at any moment. I thought up Pengweenie's concept after revealing Peneedle and couldn't help myself from drawing it. Thus, the plans for which Abomis made the initial 100 were shifted around to include Pengweenie.

I did my best to balance the Abomi Archive with a relatively even amount of types across all 8. Things will range a bit, but generally speaking, all types should have a good amount of representation.

In fact, I've definitely solidified the final roster now. I'm currently working on #95, although it isn't implemented in-game yet. Speaking of which, there was a surprise early reveal this week!

Hamburble is a Water-type hamster that runs around in a bubble like a hamster ball. I made it recently, and it isn't in the game yet, but I thought I'd show it off with a little animation reel because I just liked it.

Big, big things seem to be coming up for Abomi Nation -- including the completion of the first 100 Abomis that will launch with the game! I can't wait to show off more content to you all. Carl


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