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Abomi Spotlight: Quartiger!

For our penultimate Abomi reveal, we have Quartiger! Quartiger is the pre-evolution to Tigryst -- both designed by my girlfriend Kimmy, who also designed last week's Axolotter. Sorry to save so many of yours so close to the end, Kimmy!

Quartiger, like their evolution, are rare Abomis that are highly sought-after for their diamonds. Unlike Tigryst, Quartiger's diamonds have yet to develop fully, and instead manifest as a coating under its rocks that poke out through its stripes. This allows Quartiger to have a very high defense stat for an unevolved Abomi. Slap a Bulky Bib on this thing and it can tango with the best of 'em.

Quartiger and Tigryst also get a move called Diamond Blast. It shoots a flurry of diamond energy at the opponent. It's a Special Earth-type move that has a chance to raise the user's Special Defense +1.

Although the move was made for them, other Abomis like the Crescelene line can learn it too.

Quartiger is our second-to-last reveal! Next week will be the LAST Abomi Spotlight! So mark your calendars, because I'm sure you're not doing anything else the day after Christmas.

The holidays have been really kind to me -- and Abomi Nation -- so far, and they're just getting started. I wish all of you the same happiness; and stay safe out there!

I'll see you next week with the final spotlight,



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