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Abomi Spotlight: Shrickle! + Porcutie Preview

This week's new Abomi is the pre-evolution to Vulshrike; it's little Shrickle!

Shrickle are devious hunters. They're based on the real-life desert bird, shrikes, which hunt by gripping smaller animals with their talons, carrying them up high, and dropping them onto spiked surfaces like cacti to finish them off. They're kinda jerks, so if you get one on your team, keep an eye on your smaller Abomis...

Shrickle is a pure Air-type, but it eventually becomes Air/Plant-type when it evolves into Vulshrike, and can learn Plant attacks like Prickle Bomb through leveling up. It has the Prickly ability which damages Abomis that make contact with it.

Shrickle isn't this week's only reveal, though! Earlier this week, I shared a timelapse of how I animate my Abomis. In it, I showed the creation of Porcutie -- a new Fire-type boar Abomi!

I'll save more info on Porcutie for its full spotlight trailer, but let's just say that if you're wondering why I chose its Fire typing, it'll become apparent when you see its evolution...

For now, here's a fun shot of Porcutie hanging out in a really populated field.

Anyway, I know I say this every week, but I have so many new features right on the cusp of being ready to show off publicly, but I can't talk about them just yet. Stay tuned.



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