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Abomi Spotlight: Singuid! + New Items

This week's new Abomi is the very single-minded Singuid! Singuid is a little squid with only one tentacle. It has one of everything, in fact: one eye, one horn, one beak... that last one isn't really remarkable, but it's still true.

Singuid is a pure Neutral-type Abomi. Although it's a squid, I decided to not make it Water-type. Its line can be found in extreme climates be they fiery, dry, swampy, whatever. They have a versatility that's best represented by their Neutral typing.

If you don't follow me on Twitter, you may have missed Singuid's soft-reveal a day early! I found out about the #PitchYaGame event after it was already over, but I decided to whip together a showcase for it anyway. You can find that video here, in which I showed off Singuid early as well as some other new goodies. The Singuid in that trailer doesn't have a great day.

You may have noticed a new mechanic at the end of Singuid's trailer today! In grassy biomes like the Plains or the Forest, you can find radishes growing in the ground. A Reset Radish will reset the stat boosts/drops of one Abomi. A Reset Radish Bomb will reset the stat changes of every Abomi on the field.

The reason I want players to have easy access to these radishes is because a very common cause of death in the early-game is being unable to counter an Abomi that's set its stats up to ridiculous levels. This gives players a reset button at the cost of a turn. It's an option to counter bosses without giving you something too overpowered.

That's it for now. I hadn't planned on revealing Singuid this week, but it showed up while I was recording for my showcase, so it wiggled its way in early. Next week, I hope to show off some cool new developments.

See you then!



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