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Abomi Spotlight: Spurrder! + Mechanical Changes

This week's Abomi Spotlight is on the... err, adorable Spurrder. This little Neutral-type has a habit of scurrying up legs.

Spurrder was born out of my real-life feelings toward cats. This is how I wish the rest of the world saw them. Do I hate them? No, but I don't hate spiders either. You don't see me comparing them to the vastly superior dogs. Get your heads checked, cat people.

Spurrder's pretty rad, despite that. My favourite animation of Spurrder's is the little dance it does when it's happy. You can see it at the end of its reveal video on my Twitter.

Oh! One thing I should use Spurrder to show off this week is the new EXP Bar that comes down when you defeat an enemy. This now happens after every KO instead of post-battle in the overworld.

I realized I needed this change when thinking about my evolution methods. It's really hype to suddenly meet your evolution criteria and evolve mid-battle, but every evolution also comes with a minimum level. The old method would stifle almost every mid-battle evolution, so I'm happy with the new results. The way the bar shakes as it fills up is also very satisfying.

That's all for now. Take care of yourselves,



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