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Abomi Spotlight: Squidubble & Halfoon! + New Minigame + Dance Party!

This week we have a double (or a dubble) middle-evolution reveal! First up is Singuid's evolution: Squidubble!

The mono-eyed Singuid was the master of battling with only one of everything... but once it perfected that, why not have... TWO of everything?! Double the tentacles, double the horns, double the... mouths. Two mouths might seem a little weird, but I have to assume Squidubble knows something I don't. After all, it does have two brains.

You might see a pattern that'll help you predict what Squidubble's evolution would look like. You'll probably be wrong, though.

Next up is the evolution to Crescelene: Halfoon!

Filling in its crescent for a half-moon shape, Crescelene becomes much bulkier in its evolution. The way the asteroid belt swerves up and down as it orbits Halfoon is very satisfying. Make sure you see it in motion in its reveal trailer on my Twitter.

You may also see a pattern here that will help you predict Halfoon's evolution. Again, you're likely wrong.

Also revealed this week: a new mini-game! Abomi Trivia has you competing in a series of trivia questions in an attempt to raise your Special Attack.

Something important to note is that this game will only ask you questions about Abomis that you've seen on your specific file. No random Abomis that you've never heard of are going to appear suddenly. If you've been paying attention, you should be able to answer correctly!

If you missed the reveal, it could be because it was first showcased on @canyouraisethem's Twitter! He's been doing me (and all indie devs) a solid by promoting upcoming monster-tamer games for a whole week at a time. He started this trend off with Abomi Nation, so I very happily gave him footage of a new game to reveal! He usually posts great info about old monster-tamers from past console generations, so definitely give him a follow if you like Abomi Nation!

Oh, and one more feature was revealed this week. If you mash the taunt button, your whole team will start doing their victory dance. If everyone starts joining in, even the friendly NPCs will start cutting a rug!

I basically made this feature so I could make GIFs of everyone dancing... so enjoy!

It's been a wild week. See you next Saturday!



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