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Abomi Spotlight: Statassel!

This week's Abomi Spotlight is the single-stage, Neutral/Lightning-type: Statassel!

This Abomi walks by skating its carpet-like paws across the ground. It's constantly building up static electricity that it will release on its opponents in a giant burst.

Statassel is the first revealed Abomi to be a dual-type that's also Neutral-type. I tried to use these combinations sparingly, since Neutral type in Abomi Nation is truly neutral. It has no bearing on an Abomi's offensive or defensive matchups, but will boost Neutral-type moves that Statassel uses, so it's a pure buff over being pure Lightning-type. Statassel, though, being single-stage, isn't the strongest Abomi compared to other fully-evolved folks. Its unique typing helps it out a lot.

As for progress this week, I have nothing ready to show. I've finally expanded the game to generate an entire Abomi Nation beyond the first boss. And while it now technically generates a complete world that'll be used for the full game, there's still a ton of work to do before this new, expanded map is polished enough to show off. It's a huge step, though, and makes me feel so much closer to finishing the game.

I mentioned last week that I'd be doing weekly popularity polls, but I've decided to make those more sporadic. They take me a lot of time to put together, and I'll run out of Abomis too quickly if I do it weekly. Thank you to everyone who voted, though! The two winners so far were Sushimo and Beewee. We'll see if we can get a non-cutie one to win in the future.

Thanks for reading, Carl


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