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Abomi Spotlight: Taranther!

This week, we've got the evolution to creepy little Spurrder: Taranther! This one's gone through quite the growth-spurt.

Taranther is a Neutral-type just like Spurrder. Taranther can spin silky webs for its Spurrder offspring to play with. Just... don't think too much about where the webs might come from.

I should take this opportunity to mention some unique things about Spurrder that I neglected to mention in its reveal. As you can see in the picture, it has a unique evolution criteria in that it needs to KO 5 or more Anglow, Beewee, or Kebeeb. Catching smaller bug Abomis should be in its nature, no?

It also has the Creepy Crawly ability, which reduces damage from contact moves by 0.8x as its opponents recoil from not wanting to touch it. This ability is shared by some other creepy crawlers such as Beedungadung.

Lastly, you may have noticed that Taranther used a new move in its trailer: Swat! Abomis that can float off the ground take half damage from grounded moves like Rumble or Sprout. It's a pretty nice advantage, but to counter-balance this, certain moves like Swat will deal 2x damage against floating Abomis. This is especially useful for Spurrder since it needs to KO Anglow, Beewee, and Kebeeb to evolve -- all of which float.

I'll see you guys next week with another reveal!



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