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Abomi Spotlight: Tigryst! + AI Improvements!

This week's Abomi Spotlight is on the mighty Tigryst! These rare Earth-type Abomis scarcely show their faces publicly since their diamonds are so sought-after.

A Tigryst's diamonds grant it a huge amount of power that allows it to exceed in Special Attack. Of course, it's no slouch in Attack either.

They say one diamond from a Tigryst is worth more Shiny Pebbles than most Abomis will see in their lifetimes.

Last week, I credited Venessie's design to my father, and this week is another rare case of an Abomi not being designed by me. This one, as well as its (spoiler) pre-evolution, was designed by my lovely girlfriend, Kimmy! She's a very talented artist (as in, professional) so I think Tigryst's design is really killer. As always, I'm the one who animated it to fit Abomi Nation's style, but it's Kimmy's design that pushed me to be more detailed than usual in its animations.

For those keeping tabs, she also designed Ottl, and Peneedle was a joint effort between her and myself.

Also new this week: enemy AI! In the demo, your opponent would randomly choose one of its moves and the AI didn't know how to do much besides check if that was a legal move.

Wild Abomis and very early fights will still flail randomly, but now, smarter opponents will be able to calc damage and go for their strongest move every time. They'll also be able to tell if their status move is going to fail and not go for it.

With the added checks to see if a move is failing, I was able to add some sorely-missing text boxes like this:

Now, when your move fails, instead of awkwardly moving on like nothing happened, it will not only tell you that it failed, but also why. So you'll get prompts like "Ice-types can't be Frozen." or "Tigryst is already Dizzied!" or "Beacoon's Special Attack can't go any higher!" when trying to use a move that won't work. I really want players to be clear on what's happening and why.

As usual, I have lots on the horizon, so stay tuned!



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