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Abomi Spotlight: Tricken!

This week's new Abomi is Tricken! Tricken is a unique Neutral/Air-type (not like the kind in Smash), and is one of the select few Abomis to have multiple forms!

By default you'll find Tricken in one of two stances: its offensive stance, or its innocent stance. When on the attack, Tricken will show its true face and be quick to tear up its foes.

But, once those foes fight back...

Tricken will assume a submissive stance, posing as an innocent chicken. Tricken uses unique transition animations that I had to make work specifically for it, so I hope it's grateful I put so much effort into its forms.

This stance raises its Defense and Special Defense substantially, but lowers its Attack and Speed. Tricken will re-enter its offensive stance whenever you select an attacking move, but if you need to take a turn to heal, use an item, or use a Status move, Tricken can remain posing as a chicken while the enemy wails on it. It'll take less damage this way. Striking at the right moment adds a new layer of strategy when battling with Tricken.

Tricken are clever hunters but ultimately cowards. They were inspired by the apparent link between modern-day chickens and velociraptors. I'll leave you this week with Tricken's Abomi Archive entry, and the dilemma its all-knowing writers ran into when creating it: "When a Tricken attacks, it assumes a menacing stance and strikes swiftly. When one is being attacked, it poses as an innocent chicken to appear less threatening... Wait, how does it know what a chicken is?... Wait, what is a chicken?"

See you next week, Carl


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