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Abomi Spotlight: Walwatt!

Walwatt! It's an Ice/Lightning-type walrus and it's ready to be your tank.

Walwatt is a single-stage Abomi, yet it holds the distinction of having the game's highest HP stat. This blubbery chum is tough to take down.

Although not a Water-type, Walwatt gets access to the move Soak. It may be the game's best Soak user, as opponents with the Soaked status ailment take 2x damage from Lightning-type attacks.

On a personal note, Walwatt is one of my favourite Abomis. I adore how its animations came out. Definitely one of my prouder designs, and its unique typing helps it stand out more. You can see it in motion in its reveal trailer on my Twitter, and I'm probably gonna post a more in-depth, HD look at its animations later on.

The game's been progressing nicely. Walwatt was part of my latest batch of additions, bringing the total up to 92/100! I really feel close now.

I'm not gonna show any new features off this week, but I have a lot left to reveal that's already finished. Definitely stay tuned.



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