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Abomi Spotlight: Wasplinter!

This week's Abomi Spotlight is the final evolution to the fan-favourite Beewee: Wasplinter! After becoming Kebeeb, Beewee will end up as a fierce Wasplinter. All three are pure Air-type. Wasplinter may not be as cute anymore, but it packs a lot more attack power.

Wasplinter guards its honeycombs by leaving them skewered on its enormous stinger. Any Abomi caught trying to pilfer its sweet honey will end up feeling a little poke. You know, right through its body.

Wasplinter also learns a new move called Falling Stinger. It is a very powerful Air-type attack. With its Ability, To the Point, Wasplinter can boost the power of Piercing attacks even further, meaning that Falling Stinger becomes a very dangerous move to be on the receiving end of.

Wasplinter evolves relatively early for a third-stage Abomi, and its stats apart from its Attack aren't the highest, but the power behind Falling Stinger might just carry it through your playthrough.

I don't have many tangible things to update you with this week, but I can give you a progress update. I mentioned last week that the game now generates an entire island (not just the first boss), and production is still going well on that. It's a monumental task, though, so I'm sure I'll have to hold off much longer before I can show it off.

I've also hit 80/100 Abomis done! I'm definitely going to reach my goal of a Q4 release at this rate... provided everything mentioned in the paragraph above goes smoothly.

OK, enough jinxing things. I'm gonna get back to it.



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