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Abomi Spotlight: Zebrata!

Introducing the first Abomi with multiple forms: Zebrata! This piñata Abomi comes in 12 different variations. The colour of its body determines its primary type, while the colour of its stripes decides its secondary type. It can be any combination of Fire, Lightning, Plant, or Ice based on its colouration!

Zebrata can have two unique abilities: Primary Pride and Secondary Strength. Primary Pride boosts the power of its attacks if they match its primary typing, while Secondary Strength does the same for its secondary typing. So, a Plant/Fire Zebrata with Primary Pride (like the one in the picture) would excel at Plant-type attacks.

Zebrata also learns a new move called Candy Blast, which becomes the primary type of its user. The colour of the gumballs that explode are also affected by the new type it becomes. Adding in Zebrata and (spoiler alert) its evolution was a ton of work. Making an Abomi with multiple forms work in my engine took some slight reworks, but going forward, adding in different forms should go smoothly. And even more exciting: adding this line in has brought me up to exactly 60 Abomis! I'm feeling even more confident in my goal of launching with 100 of these buggers.

Thanks for reading! I'll keep you all posted going forward,



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