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Final Update Out Now, Console Releases Coming Q3

Here it is! The long-anticipated final content update for Abomi Nation. Everyone welcome the new Abomis, as well as our new friends from Disc Creatures!

Allow me to drop the patch notes first, then we can talk in more detail about the new features.


•8 new Abomis have been added

•5 new guest Abomis from Disc Creatures have been added

•4 new Abomi variants have been added

•1 new attack has been added (Piercing Screech)

•7 new items have been added

•5 Abomis (Wasplinter, Neapitty, Tablam, Adolephant, and Grammoth) have had their animations updated


•The option to change FPS settings from 60 to 30 has been added. If you were previously experiencing slowdown, this option should help you experience the game at a more fluid pace.

•You can now toggle the "Land Size" between Large and Compact when making a Custom Game. "Compact" runs will feature smaller areas, fewer fights, and a faster rate of EXP growth. This speeds up repeat playthroughs significantly and makes for a much faster Abomi Nation experience.

•The option to automatically heal your team after every battle is now available in the Options Menu. This Auto-Heal feature will not work in boss chambers; it is just meant to minimize time spent running back to campfires.

•You can now hold R to make move description text bigger both in battle and in your Moves menu. This also allows you to now check attack classes (Piercing, Grounded, Stone-Based, etc.) in your Moves menu.

•You can now view your Abomis' level-up moveset in your Moves Menu

•You can now check your evolution criteria in battle

•The minimum and maximum levels for each area are now visible on the minimap

•The current level cap can be found on the minimap while in towns with a Soul Statue

•Abomis' alternate palettes are now viewable in the Abomi Archive (after beating the game at least once)


•The minimum and maximum levels that an Abomi can appear at have been universally changed to match their evolution levels

•The text displaying your Shiny Pebble count is now bigger

•Two identical encounters will no longer be presented when choosing an Abomi under custom rules

•Having "Skip Cutscenes" set to "On" will now skip over the lengthy ending cutscene entirely instead of just skipping the dialogue

•Entering an Abomi code will now work even if the player forgets to enter the "[" character

•You can now skip straight to the bottom of the Abomi Archive by pressing up at the top of the list and vice versa

•The item Precious Pearl can no longer appear in shops

•Abomis will now do a little bounce when selected in battle

•Abomis will now burst forward when doing certain attack animations


•Basic Attack now becomes either Physical or Special based on the user's higher attacking stat instead of always being Physical

•Chloro Blast has had its Base Power reduced from 10 to 8 and its Mana Cost increased from 10 to 18

•The evolution conditions for Spurrder, Puppermint, Cubbud, and Bibittle now include the evolved forms of their target Abomis

•Wagrump has had its evolution requirement lowered from healing 200HP to healing 75HP

•Beloskick has had its evolution level raised from 21 to 26

•Sersicle has had its evolution level lowered from 30 to 26

•Sersicle and Basilice now learn Stay Sharp at Level 30 and have had their levels for learning their final moves lowered

•The Lambus line has had their moveset rearranged so that they will learn their more powerful moves slightly earlier

•Stormutton now learns Charging Battery at Level 34

•Clementyke and Citrusaurus now learn Tree Bat at Level 30

•Pinnipred and Saberrus now learn Hail Barrage instead of Icy Chomp and have had the order of their movesets reworked

•Wagrump and Zardivvy now learn their existing moves much earlier and learn Quivering Quake, Bellyflop, and Heal

•Statassel has had its level-up moveset completely reworked and now learns Leaping Chomp, Lightning Claws, Zappy Snap, and Neutralize

•Aardboreal's item, the Tree Trunk, now grants a 25% crit rate instead of 50%

•Neapitty's item, the Cherry on Top, now grants a 1.5x boost instead of 2x


•Fixed an issue where Abomis' evolution requirements would sometimes come pre-filled

•Fixed a map generation issue that prevented the final area from spawning

•The symbols for the attack classes "Beak-Based" and "Never Misses" now display alongside other classes

•Fixed a bug causing Hermittle to steal a regular Crallop's shell after KOing a Stone Crallop

•Fixed a rounding error that caused Abomis to sometimes tie speeds when off by one point

•Fixed the final Level Cap not being enforced in certain modes

•Fixed a bug that allowed the player to re-challenge minigames when inputting A on frame 1

So eight new Abomis are now available! This includes the first Ice/Neutral-types that aren't variants: Armadigloo and Igkyloo! With them, we can definitively say that every type combination is represented by a regular Abomi (without resorting to alternate forms).

You'll also find Orcano, the new floating Fire/Water-type Abomi that drips magma from its burning skin. There are many new Abomis to find, but perhaps some of you are most excited to use...

The new Disc Creatures crossover Abomis! Tomatee has brought some friends along to battle things out in Abomi Nation. There are five of these to find, and I think they fit in great. Thank you so much to PICORINNE SOFT for lending me their colourful characters! I hope everybody is excited for Disc Creatures WORLD!

As some of you already know, I announced this week that the console ports were unfortunately delayed to Q3 of this year. This update was supposed to release alongside them, but unfortunately there have been complications getting our engine to cooperate with console versions. Progress is being made, but it will take a little more time.

However, considerations made for the console ports have resulted in new features also being added to the PC version. I'm happy to announce that the game can now be toggled between 60 and 30 FPS at any time. If you've experienced slowdown while playing Abomi Nation in the past, this setting should allow you to play at the smooth pace intended.

Speaking of speeding up the game, there are options for those already running at 60 FPS as well. Introducing: Compact Areas! You can toggle this setting when making a Custom Game.

Changing the "Land Size" from "Large" to "Compact" will make areas, on average, the size of the small island pictured above. There will be less backtracking and, more importantly, fewer fights. To compensate, EXP is gained at a much faster rate. This means that hours can be shaved off of repeat runs. The classic experience is still what I'd recommend for a first run, but if you want to blaze through a run in an afternoon, Compact is the way to go.

Other QOL features have been added, too! You can now hold R to zoom in on small text in your Moves menu and while in battle. This also lets you see clearly which moves fall into which attack categories. You can also view your Abomis' level-up movesets from your Moves menu. No more wiki required!

I'm so excited that people will finally be able to play this update. I wanted to add as many extra options as possible so that players could really get the experience that best suits them. This is Abomi Nation in its best state and I'm very proud of how much it's grown.

Thank you everybody who's supported me over the last two years. It's been an unforgettable ride, and I couldn't have gotten here without the support of my wonderful community. I'll be tied up finishing the ports for the next few months, but in the future I hope you'll support my other projects with the same warm reception you've given Abomi Nation.

Have fun and don't die!



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