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New Abomi Wave 1 Starts Now!

Abomi Nation welcomes its first four new inhabitants! These four are the first in a series of weekly updates that will continue for four weeks until we're at 15 new Abomis! Next week, I'll have another batch ready! Note that any existing runs have had their encounters decided upon making them. If you want to get the new Abomis on your team, you'll need to start a new run. You can still find them running around in the wild, however!

Alright, time to talk about some new Abomis! These two rabbit lines are based on two traditions from different cultures. First up: Gelapin and Chubonbon!

These two were inspired by the game "chubby bunny," in which campfire-dwelling hooligans shove marshmallows into their mouths and attempt to say -- as clearly as possible -- "chubby bunny!" It's a game where even the winner looks like a loser. I have no idea how it ever caught on. But, hey, here's a fun Neutral/Fire design that's a literal chubby marshmallow bunny! The "bonbon" in Chubonbon's name comes from "bun" like bunny, "bonbon" like French candy, and "bonfire." Just thought I'd flex that triple wordplay.

Next up are Bunnyuki and Usnogi! These elegant snow rabbits are based on "yukiusagi," Japanese rabbit sculptures made out of snow. Usnogi's design comes from mixing the design of these smaller sculptures with the more traditional snowman. Its carrot nose works no matter which part of the design it comes from! All the fruits, veggies, and leaves on these sculptures make them the perfect inspiration for an Ice/Plant type!

Launch week has been fantastic; thank you to the wonderful community members in Abomi Nation's Discord, those streaming on Twitch, or however you've contributed! I'll see you all next week with more Abomis!



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