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New Abomis Continue in First Wave!

Four new faces are joining the ever-changing island in this new update! As a reminder, any encounters/fights are determined when hitting New Game, so if you want to use these new Abomis, you'll have to find them in a new file! You can still find them roaming the island as wild Abomis in your current files, though.

First up are Barbubble and Sawhale. These Water/Lightning-type Abomis tend to lurk the seafloors of Abomi Nation, hiding in the sand and waiting for a passerby to trigger their electric spikes. They love being burrowed so much that they have access to the Buried ability, which boosts their Grounded attacks by 1.2x!

Sawhale in particular mulches up the ground as it rolls around to move. Its new signature move, Lightning Wheel, is a Grounded Lightning-type attack in which Sawhale spins out at incredible speeds to grind its foe into the dirt!

And our other Abomi family this update is the Snappybara line! Snappybara is a mischievous little devil that likes to bite the tails of other Abomis just to see their horrified reactions. After getting caught, it flees into a pool of nearby lava, into which most other Abomis can't follow.

Its evolution, Snappycara, is more relaxed than its rapscallion first stage. It likes to spend its days bathing in molten lava. That doesn't mean that it can't enjoy a good maniacal laugh every once and a while, though! It should come as no surprise that these Abomis pack the Pearly Whites ability, which boosts Biting attacks!

Thanks for your continued support of Abomi Nation! I'll be back next week with another batch of Abomis!



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