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New Biome: Desert! + Abomi Spotlight: Peneedle & Clammel!

Another new biome this week: the Desert! As usual, you can hear its catchy new music in its reveal trailer on my Twitter.

As you might expect, the Desert biome is an arid wasteland home to only cacti, tumbleweeds, and blustery sandstorms. Oh, and Abomis of course. Any Abomis that can thrive in a mostly-barren plain should be found in the Desert.

Speaking of...

Revealing our first* Plant/Ice-type Abomi: Peneedle! This Abomi is used to tough conditions. It either lives in the scorching Desert or the frigid Tundra.

*not counting Zebrata's green and blue colourations

Animation-wise, Peneedle is up there for Abomis that I'm most proud of. I was super stoked when I got the effect of his rotating arm looking smooth. Peneedle is also one of the few Abomis with a design credit that isn't my name! Peneedle was a joint effort between myself and my lovely girlfriend Kimmy.

Hm, but didn't I say last week that I would reveal something that wasn't a Plant-type?...

Surprise double-reveal! Clammel is another Desert staple. Both it and Peneedle are single-stage Abomis that love the Desert, so I thought I'd reveal them together.

Clammel is an Earth/Water-type. Its hump includes a little divot that houses its precious pearl. If it feels threatened, Clammel can close its clam shell around its hump to protect its pearl.

Ain't nothin' worse than getting hit in the pearls, you know what I mean?

Keen-eyed fans may have noticed two unrevealed moves in the trailer as well: Prickle Bomb and Aqua Shot are two of my 14 recently-mentioned new moves that I've added. I implemented a new Physical and Special move for each type that has a chance to cause that type's status ailment. Prickle Bomb is a Physical Plant move that may leave the target Poisoned, and Aqua Shot is a Special Water move that may leave the target Soaked.

There are many more examples of these moves, but I've gone on long enough for this post. I didn't even get a chance to mention what I've been working on this week. I guess I'll detail it a little later...

See you then!


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