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New Biome: Savannah! + Abomi Spotlight: Giranthemum! + New Custom Game Options!

This week has a lot of reveals in store! First up: a new biome! Gather 'round the watering hole and say hello to the Savannah.

As always, you can hear the brand new Savannah music over on my Twitter, where you'll find its reveal trailer. This little shot of everybody eating grapefruit was actually recorded from a real run I was doing while playtesting. Say hello, guys! You're on the internet.

And it wouldn't be a Saturday without a new Abomi to go with it:

Introducing Giranthemum: the evolved form of Giraffodil!

Giraffodil evolves once it's used the move Uproot enough times, eventually uprooting itself and becoming Giranthemum.

Giranthemum are regal and poised Abomis. Now that they tower over most of their peers, they quite literally feel like they're above them. Like Giraffodil, they're Plant/Earth-type.

Oh, and Hamburble is in the game now! Look at it floating around in the picture above.

Speaking of towering over others, Giraffodil and Giranthemum have a new ability: Overlook. Overlook allows Giranthemum to only consider the target's primary type when attacking. For example, in this picture you can see that this Fire/Air Vipeli -- normally a horrible matchup for Giranthemum -- becomes weak to its Earth attacks when it would normally be neutral!

This isn't always beneficial to Giranthemum, but it helps it out in niche matchups. For example, Water/Plant Sumoshi suddenly becomes weak to Giranthemum's Plant attacks! Fire/Water Lamphibian is suddenly weak to Earth!

Giranthemum and the Savannah aren't the only updates this week! It isn't evident from just watching a video, but I added two new Custom Game options this week!

One is already listed in the demo, but is locked: Bosses. By default, you'll fight 6 bosses before facing your final challenge, but you can scale the length of the whole game from 1-8 depending on what kind of challenge run you're going for. But what's the point in doing end-game after just one boss when all your Abomis are Level 10? Well that leads into the next option: Starting Level! By default, you'll always start the game at Level 5, but if you want optimized movesets from the get-go, I'm not gonna stop you! If you want to start at Level 1 with only a weak Neutral-type move to get you by, then try it! You can start anywhere from Levels 1-50, and the areas will still scale appropriately to your new levels. That's all for this week! I'm working on so many huge things that I can't show off, so I'm happy to be able to do this info dump. See you next week!



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