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New Biome: Swamp! + Abomi Spotlight: Architrip!

It's time for a new biome reveal: the Swamp! If you haven't seen the trailer over on my Twitter, then I recommend you do, because the Swamp music is my favourite track so far! It's so fun! Shout-out to my musician, Scott Jacob.

Some eagle-eyed viewers might have noticed the new biome in a trailer I posted on Tuesday where I find a Divonion. This murky, splotchy, purple area should stick out from the others.

The Swamp's water is a dingy brown, bulrushes grow in abundance, and it's constantly raining. You can find Abomis here that don't mind getting slimy and mucky.

Speaking of which...

Architrip is the evolution of Squidubble and the final stage of Singuid! While their philosophy is to have one and two of everything, Architrip -- you guessed it -- triples up and features three of every body part.

So that's three tentacles, three beaks, three eyes, three horns, three points on its head, three freckles on each cheek, three circles in its ring pattern... and three brains!

Fittingly, Architrip's ability is Triple Threat, which lets it deal additional damage when you have a team of three Abomis out on the battlefield. Triple Threat still works if you have 4+ Abomis -- as long as you have three on the field.

Incidentally, Singuid and Squidubble have Solo Act and Daring Duo as their abilities, which power up their moves when you have just one or two Abomis on your team, respectively.

Also: a milestone's been hit! I now have 100/100 Abomis animated and implemented in-game! I've already hit my target for Abomis at launch, so now it's just a matter of finishing the game!

Anyway, I'm gonna crank this swamp theme and get back to work. See you next week!



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