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New Biome: Underwater! + Abomi Spotlight: Venessie!

Welcome to a new area of Abomi Nation!... Actually, can you technically call this a part of the island? This is Underwater! Take a dip into Abomi Nation's abyss to see what kind of Abomis are hiding in there.

This is my favourite area that I've worked on (must be a first for a water level!). Abomis like Ottl or Crallop that can breathe underwater can traverse the seafloor just fine, but anyone who can't will get a perfectly-sized air bubble surrounding them. I'm super happy with how those bubbles came out. There are very few Abomis who don't look good in their new little bubble homes. Basically, everyone is pulling a reverse Hamburble!

Oh, speaking of Abomis that can traverse the seafloor...

Introducing Venessie! Venessie is the pre-evolution of Flochness and is also a Plant/Water-type.

Venessie are pretty big Abomis for first-stage babies. They're known for ferrying smaller Abomis across bodies of water. Like Flochness, this Abomi is rarely seen.

Venessie was actually the first Abomi I made that wasn't entirely designed by me. I adapted the design and animated it, but the initial idea came from my dad. Many years ago, he sent me a .pdf full of sketches that he made in an effort to help me with my project -- which at that time, I'm sure seemed like some confusing endeavor that was hard to see an end to. It meant a lot to me that he took the time to try and help, so I decided to turn my favourite of the bunch into an official design. He also provides the voice for it, which you can hear briefly in the trailer.

Venessie's come a long way, but here's the original sketch from January 2018:

Her name is Vanessa because... well, I'm not sure why, but it definitely isn't a copyrightable name! So I changed it to Venessie since she clearly has some Loch Ness Monster inspirations.

That's all for now. I can mention that I'm officially done working on the ending cutscene! The game can actually be COMPLETED now!... But I obviously can't show any of that off here because it would be Spoiler City.

So, I'll see you next week as I steadily approach my 100th Abomi reveal! Only 6 designs left!



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