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New Biome: Volcano! + Abomi Spotlight: Amphlame!

Welcome to another new biome! Hope you brought your shorts, 'cause this week we're looking at the Volcano!

You can find a full trailer on my Twitter where you'll see that the Volcano biome has its water replaced by hot lava, steam comes up through the ground, and it constantly rains flakes of ash from the sky. Be sure to turn sound on to listen to the newest track by my brilliant musician, Scott Jacob!

As you might expect, the Volcano is home to an abundance of Fire-type Abomis, but you might not expect to find a Water-type...

Introducing Amphlame: the first Fire/Water-type Abomi!

Amphlame has a small fire burning in its belly that you can see shining through its throat. This flame dries out its skin, so it constantly has to take dips in the water to keep slick. It releases steam through the warts on the back of its head.

Speaking of Steam releases, I'm on track to hit mine (that may be the greatest segue ever put in writing). This week has been fun for me since it's involved a whole lot of playtesting on my part.

I mentioned in a previous blog post that the game is now at a state where it can generate the complete map, and I've been playing through Abomi Nation for what feels like the first time. I'm having fun building up my little team and progressing beyond the first boss! There's a lot of work to be done still, but it finally feels like the main tentpoles are all in place.

No matter the future of Abomi Nation, this week had me satisfied that I've at least made a game that I find engaging. I hope you all will, too.

Take care!



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