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Q2 2023: Console Releases, Disc Creatures Crossover, and New Abomis!

Just announced in the Monster-Taming Direct: Abomi Nation will see one more content update in Q2 2023 when it drops on consoles!

I previously said that the Bug Fables update last June was made as the final update to the game... but I managed to sneak a little more into the next build. On top of the promised new features and QOL upgrades, eight new Abomis will find their way to the island when the console ports drop.

...And they aren't alone, either! It appears they've been followed by five monsters from another world... Disc Creatures is getting its own crossover! Disc Creatures is a monster-taming franchise made by @picorinne_satto, who is currently working on the upcoming Disc Creatures World. If you want to play Disc Creatures, you can get the original on Steam right now, and you can even get it in a bundle with Abomi Nation and Bug Fables! It has really fun 3v3 fights with your team of creatures.

As I mentioned, new features are coming, too! Here's just a short list of things to look forward to:

•Abomis' alternate palettes will be viewable in the Abomi Archive (after beating the game at least once)

•The minimum and maximum levels for each area will be visible on the minimap

•The current level cap will be able to be found on the minimap while in towns with a Soul Statue

•You will be able to view your Abomis' level-up moveset in your Moves Menu

•You will be able to check your evolution criteria in battle

•The option to automatically heal your team after every battle will be available in the Options Menu. This Auto-Heal feature will not work in boss chambers; it is just meant to minimize time spent running back to campfires.

I've talked about some of these already in the official Abomi Nation Discord, so if you want to stay up to date, be sure to join! Feel free to say hi while you're there; the Abomi Nation community is very welcoming and I'm very easy to reach. :) I'll be giving more info on the new Abomis, including the Disc Creatures, during the lead-up to the console release.

So, Q2 of 2023 is when you can expect all these changes to drop! I'll be sure to give you all a specific release date once Q2 rolls around. Until then, have a great holiday season and try not to kill too many Abomis.



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