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RELEASE on July 29th & NEW DEMO for Steam Next Fest!

It's good to be back doing these posts!

Abomi Nation is finally ready for its final big update before launch! That's right, you can finally get your hands on Abomi Nation JULY 29TH -- but that's not all! -- you can also download a DEMO for free right now as a part of Steam Next Fest! Once the game comes out, you'll be able to transfer your save files over from the demo into the full game! As part of Next Fest, I'll be streaming tomorrow morning (June 17th at 10am EST) with my new friends at DANGEN Entertainment, Abomi Nation's publisher! (Look ma, I made it!) There are a TON of new things to go over, so let's quickly summarize the biggest new features!

Firstly: you'll notice that Abomi Nation now takes place in a fully-3D world! You can rotate the camera all around to scope out any area you're in. This really adds a lot of depth to the world, and I'm so happy that I was able to achieve it thanks to the recent upgrade in engine to GameMaker Studio 2!

When an Abomi dies, you'll notice next to its gravestone that a mysterious code has appeared. At a certain point in your run, you'll encounter a Coativera with a Summoning Stone. These have the power to revive an Abomi if you paste its unique code... but not your own! These stones will only work on Abomis from other players! So, if you lose an Abomi that you were particularly close with, it can live on in another run if you share its code with a friend! Looking for a place to share codes? Well, the Abomi Nation Discord is certainly a good place!

On the main menu, you'll find something called the Temporal Store! In this store, you can spend Temporal Pebbles that you earn from doing runs. The more successful you are, the more pebbles you'll earn when you finish. You can spend these to unlock new content that will appear in your future runs. You can unlock new areas, a plethora of new items (including ones that will make your Abomis change colour!), and -- most excitingly -- new FORMS of existing Abomis! If you encounter certain Abomis during your runs, you can then unlock their alternate form in the Temporal Store! So, the game will launch with 100 Abomis PLUS these alternate forms! In fact, they're ALL available in this demo right now! There's so much more to go over. This demo barely scratches the surface of things that I've added to help this game become the ultimate replayable monster-tamer! Thanks to everybody that's supported me on this four-and-a-half-year journey! I really hope you all enjoy playing the demo!

Have fun!



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