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Version 1.1.0 Brings 15 NEW ABOMIS!

After a few months, Abomi Nation is back with its biggest update yet! 15 new Abomis along with new forms, attacks, items, performance upgrades, and other changes bring us into version 1.1.0!

I'll detail the patch notes first in case anyone doesn't want to be spoiled on the new Abomis: •Performance has been improved across the board (more upgrades still to come in future patches)

•15 new Abomis have been added

•5 new Abomi variants have been added (2 different lines)

•5 new attacks have been added

•7 new items have been added

•Areas can now appear in any order during a run

•The option to stabilize the battle camera has been added to the Options menu for motion-sick players

•Tortazy's evolution level has been reverted to 36

•Puppermint's evolution criteria has changed from needing to KO 5 Lambus to 1

•Moile has received a buff to its Base Stat Total

•Lambus has had its level-up learnset reworked

•Tricken can now only appear at Level 25 instead of Level 19

•Ostriseis can now only appear at Level 25 instead of Level 20

•Swat has been nerfed from 10 to 8 Base Power

•Leaping Chomp has been nerfed from 10 to 9 Base Power

•Lightning Wheel has been buffed from 15 to 17 Base Power and is now considered a Slashing attack

•The optional Temporal Boss will no longer desync seeded runs for players with different unlocks

•Fixed a softlock that sometimes occurred when Abomis died to status/recoil damage

•Fixed a bug regarding Abomis with variant forms changing back to their original forms after consuming a Palette Orb

And with that, let's talk about some of the new faces! I won't go over all 15 here, but I'll give a quick run down on a few. You'll have to discover the rest in-game!

I'll begin with the two in our lovely new promo art: Aardbark and Bibittle! Aardbark is a wooden anteater Abomi that resides in forests and jungles. Its rival, Bibittle, loves to use its buzzsaw-like pincers to cut through poor Aardbark's wooden armour. These Fire-type ants have an easy time terrorizing the Plant-type Aardbark. Run, Aardbark, run!

Next up are two very special Abomis: Monkisi and Monkidu! These impressionable Abomis have a signature move called Monkey See that allows them to become the primary type of their opponent! Both Monkisi and Monkidu have eight forms each -- one for each type in the game.

They have another signature move called Monkey Do which deals damage based on which type your monkey is. You can constantly change types mid-battle to get yourself out of a tight situation, or you could stick with one type your whole run! It's up to you how you want to build your Monkisi.

This single-stage Abomi is called Rayviate. Its key-shaped tail draws in Lightning-type attacks... but why would a Water/Air-type Abomi want to be hit by a type it's 4x weak to?

If Rayviate survives a Lightning-type attack, it changes into a supercharged Lightning/Air form that receives a huge stat buff! Specifically, its Special Attack and Speed both raise by 50 points each. In this form, Rayviate has the highest Base Stat Total out of any Abomi (besides certain spirits!).

We also have Moile's new pre-evolution, Smoile! Smoile love burrowing underground. When their star-shaped faces emerge, they look like blooming pink flowers. To compensate for no longer being a single-stage Abomi, Moile received a slight stat buff to align it with other two-stage lines. More changes to evolution lines like this may be on the horizon in the future!

Don't forget that this update comes with two new variant lines to unlock in the Temporal Store! Hope you've been saving your Temporal Pebbles. Pictured above is the new Sea Slogg! This turns Slogg into a pure Water-type, although the choice between Sea Tortobello or Sea Pounsloth might be harder to make than usual!

This is hardly the last update for Abomi Nation. I'll be hard at work making more Abomis over the next few months, as well as pushing the performance upgrades even further so that everyone will be able to enjoy Abomi Nation. As we round out 2021, I want to thank everyone for making this year a great one for my little Abomis! I love the community that's formed and hope to welcome many more of you to it.

Have fun, and happy holidays!



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