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Wave 1 Continues with a New Tortazy Evolution!

This week, we have quite the update! Not only do two new lines come in as usual, but also a new split evolution for Tortazy!

I'll start with the main attraction: Pounsloth! Tortazy's evolution criteria has now been changed! Depending on whether you have more Defense or Speed investment, you'll evolve into either a Tortobello or the new Pounsloth, respectively!

Pounsloth has saved so much pent-up energy from being a Slogg/Tortazy for so long that it just can't stop moving! This anxious Plant-type jungle cat has just gone from being the slowest Abomi ever to the new fastest Abomi in the game! It may seem like a departure from the other slow, shelled members of the Slogg line, but actually Pounsloth was the original direction that the design was supposed to take. I figured it might be lame to force the player to turn their tanky build into a speedy attacker, so I decided to go in Tortobello's direction. I also never could quite nail down the design at the time. Cut to a few years later, and I realize that a split evolution is the perfect opportunity to give players that choice! Welcome, Pounsloth, to Abomi Nation! Sorry it took me four years.

Also this week, we have Curmle! These curly creatures like to roll their tails up to mimic having a shell. They're just weak little Abomis -- they need all the extra Defense they can get! They're also a unique Neutral/Earth type.

Curmle's evolution, Serpentwine, bounces along on its rattle to get around. Its new ability, Bouncer, has it deal 1.2x extra damage when attacking Abomis that float! Pair that with its new move, Leaping Chomp, which deals 2x damage to floating Abomis, and you've got yourself an Abomi that's adept at snatching pesky fliers out of the sky!

Finally this week, our fourth Abomi is Koalaero! These fluffy Abomis float along in the breeze thanks to their giant plush ears. Koalaero is an Air-type single-stage Abomi that has a great early-game. Its cry might sound a bit raspier than you might expect from something so cute, but that's because real-life koalas do indeed roar like dinosaurs! It's true! They're growly little things.

Thanks for continuing to support Abomi Nation! I'm thankful every day for this community that's formed around the game and I'm going to continue to be the best dev I can be for you guys.



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