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Abomi Spotlight: Axolotter! (Every Type Combo Revealed!)

For our third-to-last Abomi reveal, it's Axolotter! This Water/Lightning-type Abomi is the evolution to sweet little Ottl.

Ottl will only evolve after being struck by Lightning attacks enough times. As a Water-type, that's a pretty scary thing to risk, but the reward is worth it when you gain so much from evolution! You even become part Lightning-type yourself.

Just like Ottl, Axolotter was designed by my wonderful girlfriend Kimmy. When Axolotter attacks, its poofy ears branch out into a random design. Kim says she was inspired to make the design based on how sand reacts when it's struck by lightning.

The unpredictable designs inspired how Axolotter's antlers can make some crazy shapes. It's the only Abomi to cycle randomly between attack animations.

So Axolotter is our first Water/Lightning-type! For those paying obscene amounts of attention, you'll know that this means that EVERY type combination (not counting those combined with Neutral) has now been made in the base roster of Abomi Nation! With a relatively small type chart of only 8 types (Neutral, Fire, Water, Ice, Plant, Lightning, Air, Earth), I feared teams would overlap in types too much, so my solution was to make as many unique types as possible! You can head on over to the Abomi Archive to check for yourself, but I'll save you the trouble and list all the elemental combinations and which Abomis fit the criteria:

Pure Fire: Taboom line

Pure Water: Hamburble line

Pure Ice: Clubcub line

Pure Plant: Slogg line

Pure Lightning: Rhibolt line

Pure Air: Beewee line

Pure Earth: Alpetite line

Fire/Water: Amphlame line

Fire/Ice: Saigling line

Fire/Plant: Zebrata line*

Fire/Lightning: Coondling line

Fire/Air: Vipeli

Fire/Earth: Goatini line

Water/Ice: Grammoth

Water/Plant: Sushimo line

Water/Lightning: Axolotter

Water/Air: Pourewe

Water/Earth: Zardivvy

Ice/Plant: Pengweenie line

Ice/Lightning: Walwatt

Ice/Air: Cuddowl line

Ice/Earth: Crescelene line

Plant/Lightning: Skedeerdle line

Plant/Air: Vulshrike

Plant/Earth: Giraffodil line

Lightning/Air: Anglow line

Lightning/Earth: Coativera

Air/Earth: Grounduck

*can be multiple types, but this is the only one that's unique to them

There's more than one example available for some of them, but every combo is there on at least one Abomi! For those curious, the existing combinations with Neutral are Pure Neutral (Squittybitty line), Neutral/Lightning (Statassel) and Neutral/Air (Tricken).

Just two more Abomis to go! Feels weird, doesn't it?



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