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Switch and Xbox Ports Available September 28th!

Just revealed in the Monster-Taming Direct 2023, Abomi Nation's long-awaited ports for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X are being released on Thursday, September 28th!

The store pages for both versions will be live on September 7th, so you'll be able to follow and preorder the game very shortly! The PC version of the game will also be updated on September 28th to match the bugfixes present in the console versions.

I know how long many of you have been waiting to get access to Abomi Nation on consoles, so I'm very happy to finally be able to bring it to you! The porting manager at my publisher, DANGEN, has been extremely hard at work on this, so I'm very grateful for his efforts. It was a deceptively tricky game to get working smoothly.

To those of you waiting for a version specifically on PS4 or PS5: don't worry. We haven't forgotten about you. There's currently an unresolved issue between our engine and PlayStation that's awaiting an update. While we wait on a solution, we unfortunately have to delay the PlayStation port to an undetermined date. We really appreciate your patience while we figure this out. Rest assured that we'll deliver news about the PlayStation port's release date as soon as we can confirm it and hope to bring it to you soon.

Thanks for playing! I hope to find many new people doing runs across all sorts of platforms.



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