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Abomi Spotlight: Blizzeep, Pourewe, & Stormutton -- Lambus' 3 Evolutions!

Introducing the first SPLIT evolutionary line! In the demo, where every Abomi has its evolution set to Level 10 for easy access, Lambus only evolved into Stormutton. BUT, Lambus was hiding two more variations from you: Blizzeep and Pourewe!

These three Lambus evolutions represent three different types of storms as well as three different colours of sheep.

The whitest one, Blizzeep, is a gentle Air/Ice-type. Its demeanour changes the least from Lambus. It excels in Special Attack. I'm really satisfied with the way its clouds' movement came out.

The gray one, Pourewe, is a gloomy Air/Water-type. It tries to not let its droopy nature bring others down. It has a beefy Special Defense stat. Honestly, "Pourewe" might be the greatest pun I've ever come up with.

And the black sheep, Stormutton, is (as you might already know from the demo) a blustery Air/Lightning-type whose attitude strays the farthest from Lambus'. It's been changed to focus on Attack.

Split evolutions in Abomi Nation are based on conditions. While you normally have to fulfill a few criteria to evolve, Abomis with options will have additional boxes below that will hint toward your path. Lambus evolves based on what type of move it has used more often. If the pictured Lambus were to evolve now, it would become a Stormutton.

Which brings me to what I've been up to all week: I've been implementing the REAL evolution methods for Abomis and replacing the demo's placeholder conditions. There are a lot of different and dynamic conditions to meet, but I'll show them off in future reveals.

This feels really exciting to me because it's a big step toward being ready for the full-length game. I've put so much in recently... despite Animal Crossing eating a good few hours every day. I'm just happy with my progress. :)

I'll leave you with that for now. Stay tuned!



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