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Abomi Spotlight: Crescelene!

This week's new Abomi is the very bizarre Crescelene! This extraterrestrial Abomi is said to gain a mysterious power from the gemstones inside it.

Crescelene is an Earth/Ice-type Abomi that hangs around rocky mountains and snowy tundras. Other Abomis are a bit weirded out by Crescelene's demeanour. It's tough to read the expression on its face.

Crescelene has a new ability called Without Sin, which boosts the power of stone-based moves such as Stone's Throw by 1.5x.

Crescelene is a departure from my normal Abomi design philosophy. I try to avoid inanimate object designs, often preferring things that look a bit more traditionally... alive, but I'm really happy with how Crescelene turned out. What started as an idea just to appease people who like object-creatures ended up resulting in one of my prouder designs.

Oh! In case you missed it: there was another popularity poll this week! Stampeak won this round, so it's good to know that sometimes non-cuties can win.

I feel like I'm in the home stretch now, because yesterday, I put the finishing touches on the new map generation. Abomi Nation will now generate all of... Abomi Nation! The map is still missing a ton of content, but if you think fighting the first boss six times is quality entertainment, then you could almost call the current build completable! I'm really feeling like I'm on-target for my projected Q4 release, which is a rare feeling for me.

See you guys next week,



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