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Abomi Spotlight: Flochness & Moile!

This week's new Abomi: Flochness! This elegant beast is a Plant/Water-type that, for some reason, very few have actually seen... y'know, despite it being HUGE with vibrant colours. But, I mean, it's totally elusive and mysterious, you guys...

Flochness and its unrevealed pre-evolution hold a special place in my heart because -- although the designs and animations have been 100% my efforts so far -- my dad lent a hand in creating this one. Over two years ago, he sent me an email with pages of Abomi concepts that he drew and scanned. He wanted to show his enthusiasm for my personal project and to help out. It meant so much to me. He knew I was taking a big risk to make Abomi Nation full-time, so it meant the world to have his support. Well, it took two years, but I finally brought one of those draft concepts to completion. To bring the story full circle, my dad provides the voice for Flochness' cry. Love you, pops. Happy birthday.

Flochness is actually the perfect opportunity to talk about a new Attack: Bloom! This is a really interesting one. It's a Special Plant-type attack that, after dealing damage, will reset all of the target's stat changes to 0. It's useful for neutralizing an opponent that's set up a lot of boosts.

What's interesting about Bloom is that it can also target your own team. If an ally's stats become lowered, you can hit them with Bloom to undo their nerfs. If they can survive the hit, of course.

But even more unique is that you can use the move on yourself! You can hit yourself with a Bloom to reset your own stats. This is especially useful if your own Special Attack is lowered.

Finally I'll take a moment to showcase another Abomi that never got its chance in the spotlight. Moile is a single-stage Earth-type that isn't what it seems to be. Its star-shaped nose houses what appear to be its nostrils... but are actually its eyes. Moile stick their nose-eyes out of the ground like a periscope to scout for danger before emerging.

Currently, Moile is the only single-stage Abomi in the demo. Weird how that worked out. I do have more single-stages implemented. Maybe I'll pick one of those for next week!

That's all for now,



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