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Abomi Spotlight: Sniffelope & Saiguardian!

This week's Abomi Spotlight is a double feature! Introducing both of Sailgling's evolutions: Sniffelope and Saiguardian! Why am I showing off both at once? Because we've almost wrapped up showing off all 100 Abomis, and this way I'll finish right at the end of the year!

Sniffelope, like its pre-evolution, can shoot both fiery and icy blasts from its trunk. The whole line is based off of the saiga antelope, which I explained in Saigling's blog post. These trunked antelope are goofy as all heck, but I fell in love with them and knew that I had to make an Abomi out of them.

Here's a small piece of trivia that may be interesting some day: I was having trouble finalizing Saiguardian's design, so I drew Sniffelope as an alternative design for Saiguardian. I ended up figuring Saiguardian out, but decided to keep Sniffelope around because it looked awkward enough to be a middle stage.

As Saigling grows up, it starts to act more refined and posh to compensate for its goofy-looking trunk. Saiguardian tries to maintain a regal pose to distract from its giant, silly furnace nose.

So as I said, I'll be wrapped up with my Abomi reveals by the end of the year! That's exciting. I hope it'll be cool for you guys to see the full roster. I'll still be updating these dev blogs in 2021, but I'll be talking about areas, attacks, mechanics, and all sorts of developments besides new Abomis.

See you next week for my third-last reveal!



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