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Abomi Spotlight: Sumoshi! + Popularity Polls!

Last week's popularity poll was DOMINATED by Sushimo -- pulling in 40% of the votes in a group of 8 Abomis. I didn't realize it was so popular! So, as a prize for Sushimo-voters, I'm revealing its evolution: Sumoshi!

Also a Water/Plant-type, Sumoshi have become skilled fighters since evolving. Its seaweed belt not only serves as a way to keep its fleshy back piece in place, but also as a sheath for its cucumber swords! Is it the most resourceful Abomi in the game? Probably.

Sumoshi gains access to a lot of slicing attacks with the addition of its swords, including the very strong Cucumber Slice that benefits from its Plant typing.

I mentioned that I ran a popularity poll last week to do some research about which designs had more appeal. It was very helpful indeed, so I'm gonna run one every week! Now with only four Abomis at a time so I don't run out too quickly.

So, please help me out by participating in this week's poll! You can find a video of the four contestants here, and vote here.

Thanks for helping out! See you next week,



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