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Abomi Spotlight: Vipeli! + New Attacks

Part pelican and part snake, this week's new Abomi has an emphasis on swallowing things whole. If it swallows things whole, what are its giant fangs for? For your nightmares, obviously.

Vipeli is a single-stage Fire/Air-type Abomi. Its abilities are Howitzer and Pearly Whites, which either boosts the power of its Special moves or its Biting moves, respectively. Vipeli's demonic appearance and unhinging jaw are enough to deter most Abomis from engaging with it.

As a bonus this week, I want to talk about a handful of the new attacks I've been adding. First up is the Ice-type move: Snowball!

Snowball has a measly base power of 1, but for each Ice-type move in the user's moveset (including Snowball), it multiplies in power by 2x. This Cuddowl has two Ice moves, so it will multiply in power by 4x.

This means that if you fill your moveset with Ice-type attacks, you'll deal 16x damage! That's, of course, at the expense of other coverage.

The size of the snowball also changes based on how much it's been boosted.

Next up is a simple one: Huff 'n' Puff. It's a Special Neutral-type move with the same base power as Ram. It always bugged me that the low-power Neutral moves that Abomis started with didn't have a Special variant, so I added an option.

And finally: a unique Plant-type attack called Growthspurt. When used on an unevolved Abomi, Growthspurt will sprout up a tiny sapling to hit them.

But, if you hit a fully-evolved Abomi, it'll do 3x damage and have a different animation:

That's it for this week. Still working hard at getting new content ready. Fun things should be coming soon!



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