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Final Wave 1 Abomis are Here!

And with these final three, a whopping 15 new Abomis have been added in Abomi Nation's first four weeks! It's been a blast getting these new designs out to you guys, so I hope you've been enjoying them! The updates won't stop at #115, but they will stop being weekly. I'm going to take some much-needed recharge time after this last month to focus on bigger content updates, featuring many more Abomis dropping all at once. Stay tuned for when those might be!

Now, onto this week's new Abomis! First up, we have the immensely huggable Cubbud and the immensely powerful Blurssom!

Cubbud like to pose as tantalizing sunflowers to attract the attention of nearby Beewee and Kebeeb. When one gets close enough to recognize Cubbud's trick, Cubbud pounces in an attempt to snatch the bees' precious and delicious honeycombs!

When Cubbud's expert sunflower disguise isn't enough to keep it safe, Blurssom comes in to protect it! This Neutral/Plant-type powerhouse uses the power of a boosted Leaping Chomp attack to drag its airborne enemies to the ground. Leaping Chomp seems like it was tailor-made for last week's Serpentwine, but it actually originated as a method for the Air-weak Blurssom to better counter Wasplinter. Hope you enjoy the pseudo-relationship between these two Abomi lines!

And for our final Abomi of this wave, we have... oh lord, what is that?! Well, that's none other than Goocifer, the Fire/Air-type goose Abomi that thrives on suffering. I shouldn't have to explain its inspiration to any of my Canadian players. For those who don't share our pain, I'll just copy Goocifer's Abomi Archive entry to better explain Canada's relationship with our geese:

"Goocifer might be more evil than Furcifume, honestly. Goocifer only exist to hiss and spit fire at other Abomis trying to enjoy their days. Goocifer will always pick a fight with any opponent, even those much bigger than them or those with type advantages. Nothing pleases Goocifer. Nothing but your pain."

So... ending on a happy note, I guess!

I am actually very happy, though! Thank you everybody for making Abomi Nation's first month so great. Now that these weekly updates are done, I'm going to be really focusing on performance improvements, lingering bugfixes, and getting a huge content update ready for all of you who've been so supportive of the game! There's PLENTY more to come for Abomi Nation, so stay tuned!



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