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New Biome: Boneyard! + Abomi Spotlight: Citrusaurus!

This week's reveal is gonna be a little different, because first I'm showing off the newest biome: the Boneyard!

As you can see, the river's dried up and discarded bones litter the ground. You can find a complete trailer for the Boneyard on my Twitter page.

In this area, you'll be able to recruit all sorts of prehistoric Abomis like Tablooie, Stampeak, or Allignaw to name a few.

That isn't all, though. There's another dinosaur Abomi that I've yet to show you...

Introducing Citrusaurus -- a citrus-y stego that's full of fruit juice. This Jurassic Abomi can also be found roaming the Boneyard, among other biomes.

Citrusaurus is pure Plant-type and has a lot of bulk. Initially, I designed Citrusaurus as a single-stage Abomi, but I ended up settling on a design for its pre-evolution, so you can look forward to that reveal in the future.

I've been very hard at work adding as much content as possible right now. I have three other biomes that I haven't even revealed yet, and I've reached 85/100 Abomis drawn, animated, and implemented into the game. It feels like nothing to be at a measly 15 left.

I'll see you next week!



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