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New Biome: Jungle! + Abomi Spotlight: Giraffodil!

Welcome to a new biome: the Jungle! If you bushwhack through all the overgrowth, you'll find all sorts of tropical Abomis here.

If you see the trailer in motion on my Twitter, be sure to turn sound on to hear some new music courtesy of my musician: Scott Jacob!

The Jungle was actually teased a few weeks ago in a different trailer on my Twitter. Did you notice? Do you watch my Twitter videos?... Well you should, man, come on.

One new denizen of the Jungle that I haven't shown off yet is...

Meet Giraffodil! This little Abomi burrows its way through the terrain while it tries to absorb enough nutrients to grow big and strong. It's our very first Plant/Earth-type.

Unlike certain other subterranean monsters, what lies underground for Giraffodil is no mystery. I'll tell you right now: those are its roots. If you pull it out of the ground, it will die. Please do not test this. Don't be mean to little Giraffodil.

In terms of new features this week: I added 14 new attacks (not pictured) that serve as mid-tier moves throughout your adventure. Most of the attacks in the game were starting moves like Sprout and Singe, or end-game moves that were much stronger.

So I added one Physical move and one Special move for each type that all have middle-ground power and a chance to cause their respective status ailment.

Previously, when you learned a 5th move, it would go to your move list and you'd have to manually put it into your move slots post-battle. Too many players forgot to do this despite the prompts, so I've added the ability to rearrange your moves mid-battle if you learn a new attack. It's very useful!

OK, that'll do for this week. See you next week!



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