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Version 1.1.2 Brings QOL Changes/Bugfixes

Hello again! I've been hard at work polishing Abomi Nation and prepping for the next major update. While we all wait for new content to drop in a few months, I figured I'd push an update out that fixes some issues and improves the game balance a bit.

Here is a full changelog of what's different in 1.1.2! Again, no new Abomis or anything have been added in this update... but check the bottom of this post for a little sneak-peak at the next update! •Performance has been improved

•F4 now toggles fullscreen without needing to enter the Options menu

•Toggling unlocks in the Temporal Store will now save between runs

•The shop in the final town is now guaranteed to stock every kind of stat-boosting orb to prevent the player from being locked out of evolution conditions

•Shops will now display tiny arrows while scrolling if the number of items exceeds the screen

•When viewing a Tablet in the shop, you can now see the respective move's info as well as which Abomis in your party can learn it

•Social media links have been added to the main menu

•Divonion and Rayviate can no longer appear in their "activated" forms anywhere unless on Total Chaos randomization

•When failing to paste a valid code while reviving an Abomi, the pasted text will now appear in red over the entry field

•Controller prompts will no longer show up when entering an Abomi code with keyboard controls

•Moss Gather and Bolt Dash now check for an Abomi's current Speed stat rather than its base Speed

•Abomis that evolved when under a certain amount of HP can no longer still evolve when at 0HP

•Rayviate will no longer transform into its charged form when the opponent KOs the Abomi in front of it with a Lightning-type attack

•Depth sorting has been restored to its original setup, fixing some layering issues during cutscenes

•The flavour text for the item Ball of "Dirt" has been fixed

•Fixed an issue that prevented Tricken from switching forms if it had its colour changed

•Fixed a bug that caused Abomis to sometimes be replaced by a Rhibolt when swapping members in your Reserves

•Fixed a softlock that occurred when an enemy Abomi KO'd itself due to recoil on the turn that the player switched (while having the Switch After KO option set to Allow Switch)

•Fixed a crash caused by targeting an empty slot with an attack after the target moved slots on the same turn

•Fixed a crash that occured when the enemy AI tried to target an empty Abomi slot with moves like Icicle Strike

•Fixed a crash that occured when using Team Talk after a full team revival

•Fixed a visual bug causing Abomis with alternate colours to not have bubbles when underwater

•Fixed a bug causing Abomis' Bond levels to overflow

•Fixed a bug that prevented smoke Abomis from being talked to from behind

•Many Abomis that used gradients in their design have been changed to use solid colours to appear less pixelated. This is most notable for Fulluna, who has reverted to its pre-release design.

A new teaser for you! How many new faces do you see? Any familiar ones?

Some of these Abomis were previously revealed on my Twitter and Discord. Flaketal (the tiny blue snowflake dinosaur) and Phryzard (the brown horny-toad with yellow spikes and claws) were revealed via Twitter polls, and Earthquack (the new Grounduck evolution in the center of the teaser) was drawn and animated live on my Discord server, so be sure to check those pages to stay updated on new Abomi designs!

I can't wait to bring you the new update; it's the meatiest one yet. There's so much in store that I can't talk about right now. For now, I'll let you analyze the image and come up with your own theories!

See you all then,



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